Hitler’s Museum

​The Linz Museum was among the strangest of Hitler’s criminal ambitions, envisioned to become the Nazis’ Smithsonian Institution: a Louvre for the 1,000-Year Reich.  A colossal art museum created to house the world’s greatest Aryan cultural achievements, this campus of buildings in Linz was planned to hold works by all of the great masters of Europe that the Nazis bought and seized during the occupation of Europe. Under Hitler’s direct command, Special Commission agents stationed in France, Holland, Belgium, Italy, Czechoslovakia, and Poland systematically acquired more than 10,000 art objects, objects that, in turn, were shipped on to Germany and Austria for wartime storage in castles and deep underground mines that had been converted for the purpose. This documentary tells the full tale of this plan for the first time.  Such was Hitler’s attachment to the project that when he committed suicide in Berlin in April 1945, the scale model of the museum was there, underground in the bunker, next to him.