Vanessa Roth

​Filmmaker/Social impact relations

An Academy Award, duPont-Columbia, and Sundance Award-winning filmmaker, Ms. Roth has been writing, producing and directing pivotal social issue documentaries for more than a decade.  Her work, which combines filmmaking with national social outreach campaigns, has received worldwide acclaim and distribution.  Her films have been given primetime slots on PBS, HBO, Discovery, A&E and the Sundance Channel, and have been featured on Oprah, NPR, as the media centerpiece of the 2008 Bill and Melinda Gates Education Forum, and as part of the official Youth Inaugural events in DC in 2009.  Some of her award-winning films include: Taken In: The Lives of Americas Foster Children, Close to Home, Aging Out, Schools in the 21st Century, The Third Monday in October, 9/11s Toxic Dust, Freeheld, No Tomorrow, and The Teacher Salary Project. Ms. Roth holds a Masters Degree in Social Work from Columbia University.