Jeff Ubois

Archiving and access solutions

Jeff Ubois ( is currently on leave as a Program Officer for the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.  He has long served as a consultant to libraries, museums, archives, and foundations engaged in mass digitization.  He is particularly focused on new approaches to personal digital archiving and working for a variety of U.S. and EU-based organizations engaged with moving image preservation, including Beeld en Geluid in the Netherlands.

Prior to these associations, Mr. Ubois was a consultant to Thirteen/WNET, the public broadcasting station in New York City, and a staff research associate at the University of California, Berkeley, where he investigated access to television archives.  For the Internet Archive, he has worked on managing orphan works, maintaining archival integrity, and managing the collection and retention of digital library usage data.  He has worked as a consultant to the Sunlight Foundation, OCLC, Cisco Systems, and the Smithsonian Institution, and has been published in First Monday, D-Lib, Release 1.0, ACM Interactions, Computerworld, and the Journal of Digital Information.